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Your Fresno Chiropractor Provides Relief from Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines are mostly attributed to constricted blood vessels and nerve inflammation caused by reduced blood flow then sends pain signals to the brain. Another underlying cause of headaches and migraines is spinal subluxation. When vertebrae comprising your spine are not aligned, vertebrae may press against and irritate nerve endings that provide sensation to your head and neck. Your Fresno chiropractor addresses headaches and migraines as consequences of nervous system dysfunction requiring realignment of vertebrae through adjustments and sometimes massage therapy. While some headaches can be traced to conditions like high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, fatigue or even undetected brain tumors, nearly all recurring headaches and migraines respond well to different modalities of chiro care.headaches and migraines treatment from your fresno chiropractor

Tension Headaches

Recurring or chronic tension headaches are the most common types of headaches we treat at our Fresno chiropractic and holistic service clinic. Stress, eyestrain, fatigue, allergies, hormonal fluctuations and even hunger may provoke tension headaches. They are usually felt behind your eyes, in your neck or as general facial pain. While ibuprofen may reduce tension headache pain, pain medication does not address the underlying cause of tension headaches--compression of spinal nerves due to spinal subluxation.

Recognizing Migraines

Over 14 million people in the U.S. suffer migraine pain every day. While the exact cause of migraines has yet to be discovered, doctors have identified several potential causes of migraines. These include central nervous system disorders, irregularities in the brain's vascular system, genetics and abnormal levels of certain brain chemicals. Your Fresno chiropractor may diagnose severe head pain as migraine pain if you experience nausea, vomiting sensitivity to light, dizziness, overwhelming fatigue and blurry vision during a head pain episode. 

Chiro Treatment for Headaches and Migraines in Clovis

Spinal adjustments restore displaced vertebrae to their proper positions while eliminating pressure on spinal nerves responsible for neck and head tension. Spinal manipulations also relax neck muscles and relieve blood vessel constriction to increase blood flow to your head and neck.

Manipulating and massaging soft tissues at the base of the neck in a precise manner can help eliminate chronic tension headaches caused by stress and fatigue. Active release technique (ART) also relieves back and shoulder pain and sciatica, which may worsen migraine pain.

If your Fresno chiropractor determines your head pain may be caused by poor posture or repetitive stress injuries, treatment may involve myofascial release therapy, a type of massage to restore health to the fascia, a type of tough, connective tissue found all over the body. MRT works best to relieve tension headaches but can also reduce the frequency of migraine headaches as well.

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